Lightning Safety

Lightning Safety


Per the National Weather Service, on average, approximately 400 people are struck by lightning each year.  Of those, an average of 55-60 people lose their lives.  As of November 27, 2016, there have been 36 deaths caused by lightning.  The National Weather Service catalogs each fatality here: NWS Lightning Fatalities.  Most lightning related injuries/deaths are preventable.  Below are a few tips to keep in mind when lightning approaches.


Outdoor Lightning Safety

– When you hear thunder, move indoors.  Lightning can strike from up to 10 miles away.

– Avoid open areas (you do not want to be the tallest object)

– Stay away from trees, telephone poles, and electrical towers (lightning tends to strike the tallest object)

– Get out of the water (pool, beach, etc.)

– Stay awy from metal objects (metal is a great conductor of electricity

– Stay off of hilltops

– Spread out if you are in a large group of people

– Avoid camping during storms. If you must camp, camp in low lying areas

Think you won’t get struck by lightning?  Take a look at this video captured from a fellow weatherman who was struck by lightning while watching a storm from his front porch.


Indoor Lightning Safety

 – If you still own a corded phone, do not use during storms. Cell phones are fine to use

– Avoid taking a shower/bath and/or doing dishes. Electricity can travel through the plumbing in your house

– Keep your pets inside

– Use surge protectors on your electronic equipment (computers, tv’s, etc.)

– Stay indoors – Stay away from windows